Inside the Singularity has been founded on a set of values that guide all our efforts and ideas. They are what we want to promote and elevate through our work.  

List Of Values

Consciousness is our driving value. The raising of consciousness is our main goal here. 

Love is one of the most ultimate things we are working towards. We are working hard to help people increase the love in their lives and for all of humanity to become more loving.

Wisdom gained through experience and education grounds us in reality and helps us make the best decisions.  

We value art as a conscious  expression of the true nature of the universe.

We value the health of our bodies, society, and the Earth.

We strive to be the most authentic we can. To give you the truth of ourselves the best we can. Hoping that from our example you will find the courage to be truly authentic in your self expression.

We value the freedom of the means to raise your consciousness. We value the freedom of people to express themselves, to be happy,  to be healthy, and so on. With this type of freedom, there must be limitations.