About Luke

Hello, I’m Luke and this is my about page.

          Though I will be sharing much about myself through the content of Inside The Singularity I think it is important that I make this page.

          My full name is Lucas Damian Johnson. I was born and raised in a small town in Michigan called Hastings. Parts of my family have lived in that town for over 150 years. I am one of the first to venture off on my own.

          Since I was young I was very interested in religion, metaphysics, and philosophy. I was also very open (intuitive, psychic) and did not understand what I was going through. Also, when I was young I had an almost crippling fear of death. I would be woken up in the middle of the night with the deep dread of what I thought death to be (which I thought at the time I thought it was eternal darkness),

          So, this sent me on a quest to answer some very big questions in life. And I have tried many things but landed on spirituality. Since really starting on the path I have made many deep awakenings. I have had a kundalini awakening at age 14, I fully opened my third eye and psychic hearing at 15, and eventually, at age 22 I became enlightened.

          Now, I exist in a deep state of surrender and I let the universe guide my every action. I act for the well being of all. I honor the innocence in every heart and it is my joy to do so. I have decided that if I have one more breath in the world I will be blessing the world and offering nothing but love to whatever is in my presence.

          This is why I made Inside The Singularity. I have been called to do so. If I had to do one thing for the rest of my life this would be it. Blessing the world, making art, and helping people with the awakening process.  

          I realize now that enlightenment is not the end of the journey but really a new beginning. So, this is where I am heading. I am spending my time and energy trying to rework the spiritual path into the simplest, loving, and most direct path. To provide teachings that honor who you truly are, don’t insult your intelligence, and free you from shame and guilt.

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